Beautiful Cat

Have you ever felt better after you pet an animal? I have. I travelled to meet a friend and my luggage got lost. I was very upset because I was there to celebrate a wedding and a birthday and the presents were in that bag. So were all my clothes and my toiletries.

I sat down on the couch, choking back the tears when the cat jumped up beside me. She kept rubbing against my hand until I started to pat her. She purred. I talked softly to her and before long I felt better.

Her name is Beauty and she is beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. She knew I was upset and comforted me.

When my luggage showed up the next day she ignored me. It was really funny. She’d done her job of making me feel better and she was on to chasing her cloth mouse.

Have you ever had an animal read your mood and react to it?

Please share when an animal has made you feel better.


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