Staying organized

Charlotte Copper and I are on the same page. See why.

Charlotte Copper...

In most of my life, I’m a planner. I have lists for many of the things I do. I start packing lists weeks in advance. And I have 3 calendars…one on my phone for a quick look, a wall calendar so I can see it all at once, and a date book (that I can’t live without) so that I have room for those lists.

Recently I’ve noticed my writing is starting to move to the dark side; that the two are merging. I’ve started using timelines. I ripped out an entire month from an old calendar (a BIG calendar), and I blanked out the info in each of the squares. I get out my pack of post-its and I put my story points on each little yellow square and then I stick them to the blank squares of the calendar based on the relative day that event would occur…

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