Interview with Cristal Ryder

Welcome Crustal and thanks for stopping by.

1 – Why do you like to write erotica over sweet romance?

When I look back over very old stories, they’ve always been hot. Way back in 1984 when I started writing *by hand* it was a very steamy start. So, I guess it has always been there in me.

2  – Do you have a favorite line or quote from your latest release?

This is from a submitted story I hope will be acquired soon.

“So, are you a member of the mile high club?” Her seductive tone captivated him.

3 – What are you working on right now?

I’m struggling through a synopsis for my Harlequin editor. While I really do despise doing them, she has taught me that even though I’m a pantser, writing the synopsis can still give me the excitement of what is to come while following a *guideline* per se to keep on track.


Fun Round

Tattoo or no tattoo? nope.

Wine or cocktail?  both! I’m really into Cruzan rum after my visit to St. Croix. Sadly we can’t get it in Canada though.

Movies or Books?  movies right now.

Why did the chicken cross the road? because the egg was on the other side

NTT_LgBanner (2)

No Toys Tonight – An Adventure Twice Told

double point of view erotic quickie

Girls night out at a male strippers. At first Fiona thought it was just what she needed, let her hair down and go wild. But when things start getting a little bit out of hand, she bolts right into the car of a very sexy voiced cabby. Or so she thought. Nearly blinded by the blowing dust, it takes her a few moments to realize her mistake.

After a rough work day all off duty cop Reid wants is pizza, beer and to watch football. But fate has other plans for him. A gorgeous beauty flags him down outside a strip club and his sense of duty makes him stop.

A classic case of mistaken identity sparks a dangerous attraction that can only be satisfied with a daring sexual encounter. Is the risk of discovery too great, or the freedom of anonymous stranger sex even more delicious than denying the lust steaming up the car?

You can find me at:!/CristalRyder

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Sybarite Seductions

Ellora’s Cave


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