Do You Believe in Demons?

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Do you believe in Demons?

Demons are defined as a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin. An attendant power or spirit. A supernatural being of Greek mythology, intermediate between gods and men.

Not exactly job resume material so what is our fascination with them?

Dressing up for Halloween or All Hallow Even (All Saint’s Eve) has its origins in the pre-Christian times, thought to be a Celtic custom. People believed that spirits and demons from the underworld and ghosts of dead people could become living beings on the night of All Hallow Even. These demons and spirits could not only harm them but could take them back to the underworld.

If these people had to leave the safety of their homes that night they would dress up as these beings hoping to confuse them and therefore would get to their destination safely.

Now on All Saint’s Eve we dress up as ghouls and goblins, dress our kids in their favorite super hero costume and go out gathering candy. I used to put Moose antlers on the door and take him door to door.

How did trying to save ourselves from demons become a candy grab?

We don’t love demons just at Halloween. We seem to love demons all year long. With TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ we watch the apococlipic survivors struggle against the undead. People make elaborate costumes, dress up and go on zombie walks. Does this happen because we believe in demons or is there another reason?

I’m not sure, but I tune in every week to watch the characters’ fight these undead demons.

Another show I love is ‘Dominion’. Do I believe in good and bad angels? Maybe.

Both of these TV show have strong female characters who face every hardship with a strength I’ll never have. Is that what appeals to us? Strong characters facing things we wouldn’t want to?

I’ve thought about that ever since I started writing and I don’t have a clear answer.

When I was a kid, sit on the couch with my sisters, biting my fingernails, my heart pumping watching the Alfred Hitchcock and the Twilight Zone shows.

Is our fascination nothing more than an instant adrenal rush?

Paranormal writers face these questions every time we sit down at the keyboard. Do we believe in them or are we trying to figure out what the attraction is to them?

Actually a part of me wants to believe in them. I want to believe that there are forces I’ll never understand. I want to believe that good will always triumph over evil and the world will right itself and everything will be fine.

I’m a romance writer. I want the humans to win against the zombies. I want the good angels to make sure humans win against the bad angels. I want to believe in the happily ever after story ending.

Tell me why you love Halloween so much. Tell me why if you believe in demons and why? The best answer will win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Put your answers in the comments section and I’ll choose the one I like best.

I can’t wait to read your answers.


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14 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Demons?

  1. I love Halloween cause it’s all about the fun and there’s no stress or present buying etc. Yes, I buy a little bit of candy, but it doesn’t necessitate special trips to certain stores and crazy parking lots, etc. Regarding demons, I’m a see it to believe it person, though I do believe that some people can be evil..

  2. I love Halloween. I think it might be because it is in my favorite season. I love the hayrides, haunted and regular ones, hot chocolate, beautiful colors, cold nights for hoodies. I do believe in demons. I believe in heaven and hell. The last 6mths have been a bit scary around our house. My daughter will wake up and feel as if she is being held down by a strong force, she can’t move and it is very hard for her to breathe, before she wakes up she is having a nightmare. If she prays it usually goes away. We will hear noises in our laundry room, sounds like the washer and dryer opening and shutting. Also, we were watching a movie and we were the only three in the house.. (3 of us) we heard a noise coming from my room .. we went back to the bedroom and all my stuff from my closet were in the middle of my room stacked. So I do believe in demons.. I think i have had a first hand encounter with them. With them wanting us to know they are here and they will stop at nothing to torture us and scare us. Thanks for the chance..

  3. I love everything about Halloween! 🙂 Dressing in fun costumes, party’s and candy are my favorites. I do believe in the supernatural, demons and vampires! eek. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Wow, joely, that’s quite a story! Don’t think i can top that, but I also don’t believe in demons. Ghost and poltergiests, yes, I believe. We had a ghost who lived in our house when we first bought it. In fact, the old woman we bought the house from couldn’t live alone anymore because of a stroke, but her daughter dropped her here during the days to visit with her (dead) husband. He stayed after we moved in, keeping an eye on the kids, opening and closing their doors at night as he looked in on them. He finally stopped coming around, and I figured his wife must have finally passed on. He’d been waiting for her to join him before moving on.

  5. I love Halloween, I love seeing different costumes and visiting haunted houses. Not sure if I believe in demons, though I’m not counting them out.


  6. No, I don’t. Haven’t heard of any encounters people have had with them
    Like all the candy options and packaging that’s not available at any other time of year

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  7. I love Halloween because of the costumes. I have always loved to dress up and pretend to be someone I’m not. I am now learning to love my kids dressing up as well.

    I don’t believe in demons.


  8. Totally cool post, but tough questions!! Okay, IMHO, if you believe in good (and I do) then it’s only logical that you believe in the opposite. So although I’ve not been given personal proof of demons (and I’m ever so happy about that!!) I would wager they exist. Plus I’ve written about them, too, so that sort of goes with the territory of having an overactive imagination, right? 😉

    And I adore Halloween, as well–dressing up is the best part about it. That, and scaring kids in your spooky costumes. That’s pretty cool, too. (My kids are pretty scare-resistant, as you can imagine!).
    Great post, Kayden!

  9. I love Halloween it’s my favorite time of year. I love the creeps, creepy movies, creepy books, creepy costumes. My favorite thing about Halloween is the haunted houses and attractions that you can visit. Every year we go to Ohio and visit Lewisberg Haunted Cave. It’s a real cave that they spookify for Halloween. There are bridges over water inside the cave. In the water people are hiding and they grab your feet and splash you with water, and that’s just the beginning. There is an underground bus with Freddy on board, and a car that comes out of nowhere and races at you. So much fun, and tons of screams, and a chainsaw and fire, and it takes about 2 hours to do it all. I look forward to it every year.

    Demons, of course they exist. Many people are evil. Think of all the serial killers and child abusers. Without evil, those people wouldn’t exist. I believe in angels and demons. I think the world is becoming a very scary place and we are noticing more and more evil in the world.

  10. Yes i do believe. My house used to be haunted for years before we saged it. Every night, i had nightmares about this demon. In every dream that i had, he appeared. You know when you wake from a nightmare. when you go back to sleep, you dream something different? I didnt. My dream picked back up where it left off or a new one started with “it” in it. My bed would shake, my room would get so cold that you could see your breathe. The attic was above my room, you could here things moving around, people walking and talking, etc. You cant go in the attic. Theres no floor or any way to get in there. I HATE closets. The thing always messed with me in them. In my first bedroom i was 6 when we moved in, i had this room till i was about 14/15. Across from my bed, was a walk in closet. Every night before i went to bed, i pushed my recliner chair in front of the doors so it couldnt come out. Every morning it was pushed across the room and the doors were wide open. My glass dolls moved, my lights would just go out, tv would turn off and you could see someone behide you in it. The worst part though is when it would grab my legs and jerk me partly of the bed, or id wake up with him hovering above my face, or standing next to me. Ive even had it climb into bed next to me. He would tap and knock on the wall. He would open and shut my door. I ended up moving rooms with my sister. I took hers. First thing i did was take the door off the closet. But that didnt work. The activity started all over. It even got a bit worse. I moved into another bedroom, and i had peace for about a week before it all started again. It would laugh at me in my dreams. I had a closet in my new room. It was small, i put a sliding lock and a hook lock on it. this way it would stay closed. I always kept my tv, radio and lamp on. I hate the dark. All of it would go off at once, and my closet door would open. It once hurt my dog. I couldnt do it anymore. I ended up moving downstairs and sleeping on our couch. It left me alone after that. Well, unless i went upstairs. If i walked down the hallway, it would throw a bedroom door open and try to hit me. Used to scare the crap out of me. Now, i dont go up there. I refuse. It scares me, even though i know its gone, i still get scared looking at the stairs. My parents wouldnt acknowledged it until my grandfather came to stay with us. It was really mean to him. Jerked him out of bed, pulled his covers off him every night, shut the electrical off in his room only, would randomly set off his alarm. Lock him in his room, etc. I used to have friends that would come stay the night, when they did, they always went home in the middle of the night freaked out and crying that something was trying to hurt them. I never had one friend that ever stayed the whole night. And they wouldnt come back either. My house used to be incredibly freaky. Its peaceful now. Which i am so grateful for! So yes, i do believe.

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