#Last Minute Gifts

perf5.000x8.000.inddSydney St. Claire
Cinderella & Prince Dom
Jaimie Newberry is jobless, her rent is due, and her cat just died. On top of that, she was accused of embezzling before she was fired. When her friend invites her for a weekend of kinky fairytale role-playing, she agrees to go as Cinderella. What has she got to lose when sex with a handsome prince is involved?

CEO Bryce Langston needs to know if Jamie is innocent of embezzlement or just very clever. He arranges for her to be his weekend sub but soon realizes the pretty scullery maid is naïve to the BDSM lifestyle. As her prince and her Dom, he intends to not only learn the truth but to make sure she has a fantasy come true.


Length of Book: 84 pgs
Erotica (BDSM)
Wild Rose Press          KINDLE         NOOK            KOBO             IBOOKS


@sydneystclaire Fairytales your mother never read you. Cinderella & Prince Dom http://amzn.to/1vl6jdl bit.ly/1vOUIWS #LastMinuteGift #twrp

@sydneystclaire Jaimie’s eager to meet her prince & enjoy a weekend of sex at a castle http://amzn.to/1vl6jdl bit.ly/1vOUIWS #LastMinuteGift




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