Fan Girl Thursday – More Than Ready by Anita Philmar

Today I’m featuring More Than Ready by Anita Philmar

Series: Naked Bluff, Texas

Genre: historical, western, erotic  More Than REAdy

Theme: friends to lovers

Word Count: 5803



After losing his brother, Kirk Pepperman planned a future with Richard’s wife, Sadie. Kirk wanted to honor his brother and take care of Sadie.

She had other ideas and married another man.

Now, Kirk is uncertain what he should do with his life

Mary Beth Owens knows her parents are arranging for her to marry Kirk. The problem is he’s been stuck on the wrong woman for years.

She is determined to find out if he can please her. If not, then she has no desire to marry him either.

Can these two let go of the past and move into the future?

Available for .99cents and free for KindleUnlimited.

Theme: friends to lovers

This story is part of the Naked Bluff series.

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“Kirk, where are you?”

Unhappy about the interruption, Kirk Pepperman debated not answering Mary Beth Owens’ call. He’d snuck away to the barn’s upper floor to escape his parents and to have a few moments to himself.

The view outside the open loft door showed the sun drifting steadily toward the horizon. A nice cross breeze blew inside and cooled the large space. For the last couple of weeks, he’d found he enjoyed sitting up here alone, maybe because it helped him forget.

“Kirk?” Mary Beth’s voice rang from the ladder, leading to the stalls on the ground floor.

Not bothering to turn, he leaned forward and gripped his hands over his knees. The three-legged stool, where he sat, was right in front of the center pole for the barn. The position afforded him a backrest if he should want one.

The floorboards squeaked, telling him Mary Beth stood behind him. He pictured her in his head. A petite blonde, she had small breasts and appeared much younger than him. In truth, they were around the same age.

Hoping, if he remained quiet, she’d leave. He continued to stare out across his family’s property. The last days of summer and the recent harvest had turned the parched land to dust. What did this place hold for him?

He’d never ventured outside of Naked Bluff to travel or to experience another way of life. Depression filled him at his brother dying so far away from home. Now, though, Kirk understood Richard’s desire to leave.

What future could Kirk have here?

He toyed with the idea of heading off to join the Confederate army. The latest news from the returning soldiers was the south wasn’t faring too well against the Northern armies. Maybe, if he had something to fight for, he’d feel alive again.

The familiar noise of a rope flying through the air alerted him. The lasso fell over his head and circled his chest before it tightened, pinning his arms to his side. “What the…”

With a sharp tug, he fell back against the center pole and hit his head against the solid bulk. “Mary Beth, what are you doing?”

She yanked on the rope and walked around him, winding the cord across his chest. “Just sit still. Let me get you tied up and then we’ll talk.”

“Why the hell do you need to tie me up for us to talk?”

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Favorite Food Thursday – Magic Cheeseburgers

I love a great cheeseburger and this recipe makes the best. Hope you like it as much as we do.

Magical Cheeseburgers71DFF2A1-FCF7-D939-DD0B09B5F5751EAF

I love the surprised look on people’s faces when they bite into this burger. For gluten-free guests, serve on a gluten-free bun. Enjoy.

3 ½ pounds very lean hamburger

½ cup boiling water

½ oz beef bouillon cube

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

½ tsp seasoned salt

½ tsp onion salt

Mix meat with the next 5 ingredients. Shape into 32 thin patties. Put cheese (your choice) between two of the patties and seal the edges. Cook over hot barbeque for about 8 – 10 minutes on 1 side then 5 – 7 minutes on the second side. Sprinkle with salt and pepper after turning.

Fan Girl Friday – Karilyn Bentley

Today I’m featuring Karilyn Bentley and her new book, The Detective’s Dragon.


Questions for Fan Girl Thursday

  1. Where do you story ideas come from? Some books are just from my imagination. Others, I see a news story and wonder, what if.
  2. Are you in control of your characters or do they control you? It’s a little bit of both. I give them a direction and they let me know whether or not they want to go that way. Sometimes they are obedient and other times they aren’t!
  3. How much of your personality and life experiences are in your writing? Very few of my life experiences are in my writing. My personality usually comes through in my writing, although the heroine of my urban fantasy series is way snarkier than I am. <g>
  4. What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer? Having fans that like my writing.
  5. Tell us a little about your latest book. The Detective’s Dragon is the 4th book in the Draconia Tales series and features Jamie, the boy from the first three books. He’s all grown up in TDD and is searching for his heroine. He finds her, but she’s in our world. Here’s the official blurb:

As a Halfling with little magic, Jamie is barely considered a Draconi, his sole talent finding jewels and lost people. But when he dreams of a human female in trouble, he has no choice but to save her, even if it means crossing dimensions into a different realm. Unfairly accused and placed on administrative leave, Detective Ruby Parker is determined to regain her position on the Denver police force. When an attempt to kidnap her fails, she must learn to trust the stranger who appears from nowhere to help her. Unlike in Draconia, Jamie’s powers work in Parker’s world, his longing to wield magic finally fulfilled. But is working magic worth leaving his family and friends? When Parker realizes she loves Jamie, she must make a choice, follow her heart to a different world, or remain alone and attempt to regain her beloved job. What happens when the one you love lives in another dimension?

Fast Round Questions

  1. Fruit or Chocolate? Currently fruit. I’m trying to be good!
  2. Coffee or Tea? Tea
  3. Go to the movies or watch TV? TV. But you can watch movies on the TV. Is that an option? <g>
  4. What is your favorite punctuation mark? The comma.
  5. Why? It’s curvy and can be placed in different spots in a sentence to imply different meanings.

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