Vacations with a Twist


Villainous Vacations is that rare beach read, one that makes you laugh and shiver almost at the same time.  From lonely werewolves finding love to high school hellions wreaking havoc on each other, plus a fillip of time travel, there is something for everyone in this riveting collection.

I’m super proud to be part of this very shady summer collection with such talented authors. Join us  for our book launch, at Sleuth of Baker Street,  907 Millwood Rd. ,  Toronto’s premiere mystery and suspense store,  Sunday, June 12 between 2 and 4 p.m.

We hope to see you all on Sunday, June 12  but if you can’t wait for a taste of  Villainous Vacations it is  available for pre-order right now at:



Barnes & Noble:


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From Cop Stories to Holiday Mayhem


V VcoverEbookMEDHoliday Mayhem? Make that Villainous Vacations the new anthology I am proud to be in. Publisher Karen Dryden (2012’s Nefarious North) is back with a 2016 collection sure to please everyone. From horror to horses, shape-shifting to high school madness,  romantic frissons and thrilling suspense, these tale will delight and intrigue.  For this fun collection I abandoned my Police Procedural hat for a nail-biting tale about a girl on beach. Psst.  Book Launch Sunday, June 12 at 2 p. m. at Sleuth of Baker Street, Toronto. Everyone welcome.

Tomorrow  I will be back with my third article on police procedurals.

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Welcome Storm, Tell us a little about your new release, RE-INVENTING LOVE.


Thanks for having me here today, Kayden, to celebrate the release of my first historical novel, RE-INVENTING LOVE. I have nothing but awe and admiration for people who penned historicals prior to the invention of the internet. I researched the hell out of 1910 for my full-length, sexy male/male Steampunk featuring Young Inventors In Love!

RE-INVENTING LOVE is filled with wonderful inventions of that era, a time when the world was changing so rapidly. In the previous few years to 1910, the time of the novel, the world had seen the introduction of the telephone and the typewriter. Not to mention, the gradual raising of hemlines and the loss of bustles and corsets. RE-INVENTING LOVE is filled with these kinds of real inventions and one that may or may not be made up.

People ask me, “Hey, Stormy. What was the biggest surprise you found when researching inventions from on or before 1910?”

“Well,” I answer. “It’s this.”

Gina 2

“But Storm… What the heck is it?”

Take a guess in the comments and I’ll give a free copy of any one of my backlist books from either Storm Grant (m/m) or my alter ego, Gina X. Grant, who writes fun urban fantasy for Simon & Schuster (m/f).

But wait! That’s not all. I’ll not just give a free book to the first person who gets it right. I’ll also give a free book to the most creative incorrect response. So be historically correct or outlandishly wrong. How often do you win for being both right and wrong?

You can find all my books via either pen name: or

Gina 3

Now a little about my brand, spankin’ new release, RE-INVENTING LOVE.

The road to love is paved with good inventions.

Engineer and assistant inventor Maximilian Grün is in love with his employer, but he daren’t reveal the truth. It’s 1910 and if Canadian authorities learned of his homosexuality, they’d deport him back to Germany where the country of his birth would become the country of his death.

When promising young inventor and mathematician Dr. Jasper Hamilton expresses his own feelings for Max, the young German regretfully declines. He cannot risk their partnership, their reputations—their very lives!

Then a rival inventor sabotages their inventions. Jasper is caught between the physical and the metaphysical, reduced to atoms, and transported to the spirit plane! Max is devastated, deeply regretting his lost chances.

But Jasper manages to communicate across the aether, telling Max he must reverse the machine’s polarity. But without Jasper’s talent for mathematics, the calculations defeat him.

Can the would-be lovers bridge the gap between life and death to finally be together?


Max suspected he was falling in love with his employer. He wished it might be otherwise, but he found himself helpless to stop the headlong rush into dizzying joy. He promised himself he’d never act upon this new feeling and granted himself permission to enjoy the unrequited longing—from a distance. Although most days that distance was negligible as they labored side-by-side at the desk and workbench.

Their fingers touched, their shoulders pressed together. Max knew Jasper’s scent as well as his own. The smell of good, clean sweat combined with lithium-based lubricants had been known to give Max a most embarrassing erection right there in the lab! Flushed and blushing, he’d rely on his heavy leather apron for concealment.

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Here are Max and Jasper. Anyone can see they’re falling in love. Gina 4

Anyone but them, of course.

So enjoy Max and Jasper’s story, as they invent new ways to fall in love.

And a little about me, the 2-sentence bio:

STORM GRANT pens long and short tales. Her work spans genders and genres, offering good guys and bad puns.

Her alter ego, GINA X. GRANT, writes funny urban fantasy.

And shhhhh! What nobody else knows yet, is I have another pen name coming. Subscribe to my newsletter to find out more about my Young Adult contemporary, UNPLUGGED.

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