Character interview: Falcon James from PREY

Today I’m interviewing Falcon James from PREY written by  Kendra Mei Chailyn.

Welcome Falcon. Please tell us a little about the book. PREY is a friend’s to lovers type deal. Of course I bothered Kendra for months before she finally gave in to write my story.

What do you do for a living? First off, I’m a dad—best job ever! But what I do to pay the bills is I’m the captain of The Elite Strike Force unit—kind of like SWAT but a little prey-2more kick ass.

What was your childhood like? My childhood was regular. Mom and dad who both had jobs. We lived in the suburbs – nothing too shady there.

What did you think of Shane when you first met? Nothing really. She and I just became friends. Of course we were really young and never even considered being more

Do you believe in love at first sight? –Used to. Been there done that with my ex-wife. Turns out of there is such a thing as love at first sight, it wasn’t meant for me. That ended in disaster and a divorce.

What do you like most about her? What I like most about Shane…that’s easy. She loves my daughter. Danielle is from my previous marriage—her mother left us so I was given sole custody. And when my job, most of the time being on-call, I don’t think I’d be able to do it if I had to worry about my daughter all the time. As god-mother Shane stepped up in a big way.

Describe her in one word? Alluring…

What is your most embarrassing moment? The moment after I realized that Shane turns me on. I mean, she’s been my best friend for an eternity and then WHAM! It was pretty bad.

What is your favorite food? Cheesecake—wait, that’s not food, is it? Well favorite kind of food is anything Shane cooks.  That woman knows her way around a kitchen.

What is the perfect place to live? Anywhere family is, especially if its by water.


Shane Teller is alone. After her latest disaster took off, she decides it is time to do something to cheer herself up, to make her feel desirable. She does what any sane woman would do–have her photographer friend take some boudoir photos of her which she promptly sends to the absolute wrong person. What is she going to do now and how can she look her best friend in the eyes knowing he’s seen her so—exposed?

Falcon James has been best friends with Shane Teller since the beginning of time and nothing in the world will ever change that. Well, nothing aside from some steamy photos that cause Falcon to see Shane in a whole new light. As he begins seeing her as a sexual being and not just his buddy, Falcon is going to have to decide if he wants to show her the true freak inside him, or will he continue to hide it?

And what will his daughter think? Is she ready to have Shane be more than just her godmother?


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Author Bio:

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Kadian Tracey moved to Canada as a freshly minted teenager.  kadyy-2She survived school as a nerd, always with her nose buried into a book – from Mystery to romance, Kadian  read it all. In high school, her English teacher realized she had some writing talent through a class project and encouraged her to try her hand at a novel.

Writing also under Kendra Mei Chailyn, Kadian has a few titles under her belt, including MADE TO BEND NOT BREAK, the SHADOWCAT series, KISS IT BETTER, WHAT YOU DO TO ME and others.

With a love of words and art, Kadian loves photography, writing, travelling, cooking, eating (of course), Blue Jays baseball and spending time with family and friends. You can find her on twitter @Kendramechailyn and on facebook


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