Interview M. Tasia from the BOYS OF BRIGHTON series.

Today I’m interviewing M. Tasia from the ‘Boys of Brighton’ series. The 2nd book in the series ‘Sam’s Soldiers’ is what we’ll be discussing today.

“So Sam, you’re from the little town in Brighton, Texas. What do you do for a living there?”sams-soldiers-final-cover-002

“I’m an ER nurse at Brighton General Hospital,” Sam brushed a stray red curl out of his face and continued. “I’ve always wanted to help others and nursing is on the front lines helping every patient that comes in.

“What is your favorite food?”

“Chicken Parmigiana with pasta, Caesar salad and garlic bread. Dante is a master at that dish.”

“What did you think of Dante and Spider when you first met them?”

“Actually, I thought they were both insane; drop dead gorgeous, but insane. They made me an offer I didn’t want to resist, so I didn’t.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?”

“No, but lust, oh yah! Love comes later, once you discover who they really are, their quirks, likes and dislikes, things you love about them and the things that drive you nuts. You have to see to the core of that person or persons before you can actually say you love them.”

 “Please describe both Dante and Spider with one word.”

“I can only think of one word for both, ‘Mine’.”

 “Thanks for visiting with me today.”


As an emergency room nurse at Brighton General, Samuel Mason spends most of his days caring for the sick and injured, and his nights alone. Until now.

Jack “Spider” Forrester and Dante Snow have arrived. Retired from the Army, they provide protection to those in need. They’ve come to Brighton to guard Sam’s cousin from a dire threat, but it’s Sam’s world they turn inside out. Jack wears his heart on his sleeve but is no pushover, and Dante is scarred from a past he’d sooner forget. They two are partners in all things, from the bedroom to the office to the street, and they want Sam to join them…for as long as they’re in town. But there is danger ahead, and not just from the type of men these skilled, muscled heroes have sworn to take down. The danger of falling in love.

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